How to cook that series- An Introduction!

Inquisitiveness is a part of children’s psyche. They want to know, know and know. Why? What? When? How? Form a main part of their vocabulary. But I was different. I barely put my parents’ mental abilities to test. For them, I had just 2 simple questions, “What’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner?” Once I was served the meal, the question changed “What is this and how did you make it”? At that time, perhaps, I didn’t know that these simple, unwitting and many a times annoying questions would form the basis of my cooking.

It is not too surprising that we so want to know how something was cooked. Remember, how only that one particular aunty made the fish you want to eat almost everyday. Or, why the sweets made by your grandmother or mother can’t be replicated by anyone; no matter how hard they work on recipe? Yes, the fact that there is oodles of love packed in the meal is a given, but some secrets? Something that they did differently? We’ll probably never know or may be we will. Thankfully, google and youtube have sorted some part of problem, but nothing beats the sanctity of standing besides your grandmother and learning her secrets.

This insatiable hunger to learn is what prompted me to do this “How to cook that” series” on the blog. Then came the bigger challenge how to cover it all. Honestly, I am a self taught  cook and there is a lot of learning and unlearning yet to do. In such a scenario, this series would either have to wait till i learnt it all or probably be shelved. But the flashbulb moment came when I happened to read a guest blog on one of my favorite blogs. I decided to have this series curated by guest bloggers. These are some of my very dear friends both in the online and the real world; all of who share the same love and passion for food like you and me.

So then, whats coming in this series? A whole lot, I’d say. From someone who I have crowned “Bake Queen” primarily because she bakes some of the most delicious pastries, brownies, etc to another friend who is passionate about evangelising Parsi food. And if you always wanted to take some excellent pictures of food, a post to cover that as well. Well, lots more, but I’m not telling it all now 🙂

Just a big and heartfelt thank you to all my friends who have consented to guest blog most willingly and then spent time, effort and energy on the posts we all will relish..

Stay tuned my folks!!! This is going to be a fascinating journey… My word 🙂


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