A celebration of my fellow food bloggers!

I read somewhere that if it were not for the practice of sharing recipes, mankind may have long become extinct. Thank god then that someone thought of food-blogging; a forum where passionate home cooks could showcase themselves to the world at large.  In my journey as a food blogger, I have had the good fortune of interacting with you readers and cherishing the love you bestow on my blog. But today, I would like to bring to you a few of my fellow food bloggers who share my passion for food. You have probably already met a few of them in the ‘how to cook series’ and if you haven’t, I sincerely urge you, please take out time and savour each blog, feel the love for food as each of these will try and talk to you in his or her own inimitable way and experience the one thing that unites all of us- The love of food

Here they are:

Perinaaz Avari from Peris Spice Ladle: Each friday evening, as I am winding up my work for the week. I excitedly keep a watchful eye on my inbox. Why? Simply because every friday, I look forward to receiving a post from Perinaaz. Passionate about cooking Parsi food, there is enough on her site to keep you hooked. What I really like is Peri’s ability to take up a traditional Indian dish and give it a contemporary twist. I sincerely recommend the chicken farcha which i prepare almost every other week and yet cant have enough of 🙂

Stephane Gebart from My French Heaven: If French food is an art form, I must say Stephane is an artist.To call Stephane’s site only a recipe blog would be doing it gross injustice. This is a rare combination of superb pictography and truly rustic home style food.Through his blog, Stephane expresses his love for his native Bordeaux, France and the local produce from there. I cannot but help stare in amazement at the pictures he puts up and wishfully sigh. It may be difficult for me to pick one particular recipe but, I will want to try the Coq Aun Vin someday.

Namrata from My Food Tapestry: Receiving a post from Namrata is like receiving a call from a close friend. Her  relaxed writing style, coupled with tidbits from everyday and of course, backed with some eye catching food pictures make hers a blog to love. I have confessed to being a meat lover time and again on this blog, but Namrata has managed to getting me to try some of her recipes. Do try the Paneer Makhani, but don’t blame me if you’re addicted to it 🙂

Renita Mascarenhas from Culinary Zeal: You will remember I had introduced Renita as the Female Aamir Khan when she wrote the post on Food Blogging 101. Though she’s a passionate baker, I like the variety that shes maintained on her blog. So while you will see a post on baking the perfect red velvet, there is also a post on her Mangalore trip and another gadget review and my favorite how to bake the pavlova in 7 steps. If I am ever able to bake one 😦  is what remains to be seen.

Riddhi Sharma from Cook By Book: To me, the true test of a food blogger is when someone tries out the recipes and they turn out well. Despite being a hesitant baker myself, i have tried a few of her recipes and they came out well. It is amazing to watch her churn out cakes, cookies, brownies and breads with the ease similar to Rahul Dravid’s cover drive. And oh, the title of bake queen? Alas, she hasn’t accepted it as yet.

Vanya from Skinny Chef De Cuisine: Whenever someone says, home cooked or traditional flavours, it instantly piques my interest. Vanya manages to instill flavors that are robust and sturdy and yet manage to come in sync with each other like a marriage destined in the heavens. Check the post on Sayadiah or the Dry Shrimp and Okhra and you’ll know what I mean. Needless to say, once again, the pictures pack a punch too.

These my dear readers are my friends in the blogging world. Like I said before, they share my passion for food and from whom I learn so much. There are many others, who i would have liked to include. May be at another time, and another day. I’m sure you will enjoy the blogs I’ve shared. Do write back and tell me how you liked it.

10 thoughts on “A celebration of my fellow food bloggers!

  1. Thank you Elson for the mention! You’ve always been kind with your words. 🙂

    It’s been a pleasure making so many great friends through blogging. Would love to check out the ones I don’t already follow.

    • THank you RIddhi! Yes, what a small but wonderful world of blogging and the awesome friends we’ve made

  2. Wonderful list, Elson, some I know well and completely agree with you on! And a few new bloggers to discover and connect with…great post:) And thanks for making me part of it, and your lovely words. You’ve picked my favorite farchas, the most addictive of all the Parsi recipes! Btw, it’s Perinaz, with just one ‘a’:)

    • Hi Peri! Your love for Parsi cuisine in unmatchable… I really appreciate that… thanks for being a part of my blogging world… and really sorry about misspelling your name… not sure how Im so consistent in getting it wrong 😦

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