And Tummy Turns two!!!

November 7, 2012. The day I clicked the publish button on my blog for the first time. Today, it has been two years since I began that wonderful journey.

And, as I click the publish button today, I feel a bit overwhelmed. Every nerve and sinew in my system is excited, bursting with joy. Somewhat strange for someone who usually keeps his emotions at bay in personem. But, write I must, since tummy turns two today. I promise to keep it small as far as possible.

If you have been following the blog, you will know that I started blogging to get a monkey off my back. In case you came in late, you may want to read about it here. But they say, blogging is addictive, and I sure was hooked! Over two years, I have had many people asking me why I blog, when I can simply cook, eat and be pretty chuffed about it. Yes, of course I can. But, I blog because I believe that food is good only and only when shared – whether virtually or at the same table. That has been ingrained in me ever since I was a kid. So, in that sense, the blog has become my medium to share my passion for cooking, my recipes and all things food. It will remain that for posterity. And then, there is another question, ‘What do I gain from blogging?’. My answer, I gain a lot. Most important of which is satisfaction. Each time I post, I feel a deep sense of satisfaction of having cooked and shared something with the world out there. It may be an insignificant bit, but I did it. Secondly, it opened for me a world of fellow food bloggers, some of who I am in awe of, some who I would want to emulate and some who moved from being friends in the virtual, online world to the real world. I could go on, but I’m told the internet has limited space 🙂

Any journey, however small or big, is not complete without people to help you along the way. And here goes my Oscar speech 😀 Over the past two years, I have had the tremendous support and backing of a whole lot of people. Some quick mentions. My two taste queens without whose unflinching and no-holds-barred support I wouldn’t be able to cook, click and post. They, my dear readers, are the backbone of the blog – my harshest critics, yet, fanatical in their support. My friends in the blogging world who are available to answer any question/s that I may have at any time of the day (at times, night). You can read about some of them here. And, all of you my dear readers. If it were not for your lovely emails, comments and likes, I doubt I would have made it beyond two or three posts. Lately, I took a long break in between posts. I had some of you write and one even called to check if I was fine health wise. I am humbled, yet overjoyed, to see the blog being followed with such evangelical fervour. I must be doing something right somewhere!

Honestly, Thank You is too small a word to express what I feel; my heart simply overflows with gratitude to each and everyone of you. And, as I begin my third year in blogging, I look forward to you being a part of it and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I do.

And yes, before I leave you to your own devices, the blog did receive a very special present earlier this week – a story I will tell my grandchildren. As we would know,  Sunday is an important day for us Christians. But, for me as a child, Sunday was important for another reason, too. I would eagerly wait for the mass to get over and then run, almost sprint, home to watch Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s Khana Khazana. It was a ritual I followed for many a Sunday and for several years. His books and videos have been a go to for as long as I can remember. And I was pretty ecstatic to have finally got the chance to meet him at #IFBAatJW last week. This one is a moment I will cherish forever. And it is all thanks to The Tummy Tale.



8 thoughts on “And Tummy Turns two!!!

  1. Wow, two years! Congratulations Elson, you’ve done a great job. As you’ve so rightly said, blogging about is so much more than just cooking and eating. It requires time, patience and a love for the food you bring to your followers. Look forward to having you around for many more years to come:)

    • THank you so much Peri! A lot of my support comes from friends like you who keep egging me on.. thank you so much and yes, hope to stay around for many more years

  2. Congratulations Elson!! So happy for you. You deserve every bit of attention that you get from this blog. You write from the heart and every post is meaningful and an excellent read. I am so glad I met you this time! Hope you get many more successes and many thrilling moments like these in your life. God bless you!
    PS: Next time, you click, when I stand next to Sanjeev Kapoor!!!!

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