My 10 commandments for food blogging!

I remember reading a story where a grandfather speaks to his kid grandson about two puppies living within each of us. These puppies are constantly involved in a duel to outdo each other. “And who wins?” asked the innocent grandson. “The one you feed” replied the wise old man.  Metaphoric as it may sound, I think this story holds true for all of us. Each of us holds within us a certain set of values. Some ingrained, some attained due to societal interactions. These values then go a long way to define who we become as individuals, manifesting themselves in our personality. The choices we make, the decisions we take are in some way or the other influenced by our values.

I have time and again mentioned that my blog is an extension of my personality. It is the second best way for me to express my love for food. The first being cooking.  In my personal life there are values that I live by some of which are non-negotiable.  So do these values extend to the blog? Yes, I’d say. Often, I am asked, what is the philosophy I follow for the blog? How do I decide what is good for the blog and what not? This becomes all the more important considering the fact that blogging is not monitored legally as yet. We (as bloggers) have to follow an unwritten code of conduct that makes the blogging ecosystem a liveable space for us and our blogging brethren. Now, coming back to my philosophy, I have worked out a set of rules that I follow and not mandated by any governing body.  And just like the ten commandments help us be a good human being, these help me be a better blogger

Let me know what you feel of these.

  1. Thy blog should be a reflection of thy love for food:  Its easy to hop on to the bandwagon because everyone these days wants to be or is already a food blogger. Start a blog only and only if you really have a love for food. P.S. Love for food doesn’t simply mean eating it.
  2. Thou shalt keep thy blog active: Blogging is a serious commitment and pretty much hard work. You will need to devote time and energy and time without the desired result. Are you willing to do it?
  3. Thou shalt always pay for your meals: Of course, you will be invited to dine at high end place and get access to exotic meals. But you must pay for your meals. Thats when you gain credibility as a food blogger.
  4. Thou shalt not steal: Ok. This one is borrowed from the lord. But it holds a lot of value. Try not taking work from any source or use something that is not your own. If ever you must, make sure you give credit to the guy whose work it is. Afterall, he’s worked hard on it, hasn’t he?
  5. Thou shalt not spam social media with images of everything you eat or drink throughout the day- Remember there is enough clutter there. So you post should be able add some value. Else, it will get lost in the vast internet space.
  6. Thou shalt not not blog in silo but share and interact: As a food blogger, you will interact with other food bloggers and the public in general; many of whom will help in sharing your posts on social media. You should return the favor too by sharing or commenting relevantly.
  7. Never, never ever take your audience for granted: Remember what Rajesh Khanna sang in that memorable song “Yeh public hai, yeh sab jaanti hai” (This is the audience and they know everything).
  8. Thou shalt be patient: Rome wasn’t built in a day and so wont your blog. It will require time so have the same patience like the prophet Job.
  9. Thou shalt be responsive at all times: There is a very high chance of someone leaving a comment on your post or writing you an email to congratulate you on a good blog. Make time and respond, ideally the response should be within 24 hours.
  10. Its your blog. So,take pride in your work: At any point in time, there will be someone who takes better pictures than you. Or someone who writes better than you. Never get demotivated learn from them and keep striving to improve.

11 thoughts on “My 10 commandments for food blogging!

    • Thank you so much Peri!!! Its always good to hear from you… yes.. these are some precepts i follow and i promise more posts like these will keep coming

  1. Why, How, What, When, all answered in this wonderful post. This should serve as a bible for any blogger keen on a blogging. Blogging is a Hobby, passion, fun way to express, serious thoughts expressed, reaching out with words, pictorials, videos. Such an expressive medium, how not to like what you do. Keep up the god work.

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