About Me

Hello Everyone,

My name is Elson Praveen Sequeira. I reside in Mumbai, India. By qualification, I am an Human Resource Professional.

Cooking is a passion to me. My tryst  with cooking began when I was a kid; I remember helping my mother (who by the way loves cooking as well) to peel garlic, onions etc and slowly graduating to handling the whole menu by myself. The process of learning and unlearning continues even today.

This blog is my humble attempt to put down recipes that I have learnt, seen and tried along over the past few years. Please feel free to try out the recipes that are mentioned here.

Needless to say, I would love to hear your thoughts on the blogs, recipes and anything else you want to say.

Please write in to  thetummytale@gmail.com

20 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Elson, I was looking for East Indian food blogs, I love East Indian food, but getting an authentic recipe is a bit difficult. I found your blog by accident. I was interested, and curious. Are you Mangalorean? If so, you have a few Goan recipes……… Just curious that’s all. If you can direct me to some good East Indian food blogs, I would be very grateful. Thank you

    • Hi Louise. Thank you for the comment. Yes, I am a manglaorean. But love goan food and so I covered a few goan recipes.. Personally, have been looking for East Indian food bloggers with no sucess. But If i do get to know, I will connect you..

      Take care

      • If you would like to participate, you can write a post mentioning the award, put up the image, add a link back to my blog for nominating you, nominate upto 10 other blogs about which you have felt the same and also mention 10 things that most people don’t know abt you.

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  3. Thanks for sharing your recipes. Copied some recipes and found them to be very simple yet tasty…..with simple everyday ingredients available in the kitchen. Continue posting more recipes. Thank you so much and happy cooking.
    VIRGINIA BROWN (virginiabrown@rediffmail.com)

  4. Howdy Elson. I was just searching for the “Indian Blogger Awards” and visited your blog. Your recipes are simply awesome. And specially your instructions, procedure are very fluent and very clear. A real thumbs up.

  5. Lovely blog. It is so nice to see your interest in Indian Catholic cuisine. Too many people outside India have no idea that such a rich sub-culture even exists!! They think being Indian means eating chicken tikka masala and biryani. Too few people know about sorpatel or nankaties!!! I have been browsing your blog (and drooling) for hours!!!

    • Thanks Rosemarie. I am thrilled to know that you’ve liked my blog..

      The reason I started writing this blog is to document recipes from Mangalore, that otherwise have been passed down orally from generation to generation.And yes, along the way, i do hope to throw some light on Indian cuisine that as you so rightly said is way beyond chicken tikka and biryani.

      Thanks once again for stopping by and I do hope you like the recipes coming in the future 🙂

    • Hi Radhika,

      The pleasure is mine!!! I absolutely loved the cakes you’ve made.. I do hope someday, i could bake a cake so beautiful… 🙂

      Yes, I do love Mangalore.. As they say, you can take the Mangalorean out of Mangalore; but, you cannot take Mangalore out of the Mangalorean 🙂

      Do keep visiting

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