My Top 10 for 2013 & an inspiration to write and cook!

It seems like only yesterday that I posted the Spaghetti Aglio E Olio Recipe. But time passes quickly, and that yesterday was almost a month ago. Its not that I haven’t cooked in all this while, I certainly did; but deep down, the inspiration to write was missing. Even when I made an attempt, it didn’t go beyond a few lines. and then, I wasn’t going to put up a post because I had to put up one. Then, one morning, a reader wrote in asking if all was well and why I hadn’t posted for this long. She also wondered if I had quit blogging (which she requested me not to do). But, one thing in her email stuck out brightly she wrote to saying if i ever felt like quitting something, go back and think why I started it in the first place.I wrote a reassuring email to her saying I was yet, very much a part of the blogging scene and she should keep expectations high from the blog. That was the thrust, the push I needed to get going. Although, I would like to have written a fresh post, I felt it would be nice to actually take a walk back down memory lane and cherish some of the nice things that have happened in 2013. So here is a compilation of my top 10 recipes for  2013. I thoroughly enjoyed putting this post together since it is a combination of inputs from fans on the facebook page and my own personal favorites. Difficult, but fun. So here it is.

10. Aloo Saunfiyana

Aloo Saunfiyana

The first vegetarian post on a (until then) predominantly non vegetarian blog was welcomed like a rockstar. Fried baby potatoes are a treat in themselves and when accompanied by  a silky smooth onion gravy and just the gentle kiss of fennel (saunf) makes this one a dish you want to have time and again. A caveat: Keep the recipe handy when you make this for your vegetarian guests; none will leave without asking you for a recipe copy.

9. Hariyali Paneer Tikka


The most simple, flavorsome and go- to starter for any ocassion, any party. Though it is not an original recipe and has some of my touches to it, it is a sure shot way to impress your guests. The best part is that it can be whipped up in no time.

8. Mango And Cottage Cheese Snowballs in Custard Sauce


Though I am not someone with a sweet tooth, this dainty little dessert won the hearts of my guest.  It featured the king of fruits mango in the peak season. Though you can use your creativity in the custard and fruits 🙂

7. Goli Bajje


It is said that the cuisine of a place reflects its ethos, culture and people. This one takes me back to my roots each time I make (or eat it).  Mangalore’s best known street food.  Whether your a high end corporate official or a college student on your first college project, if you are in Mangalore, you are never far away from a plate of Goli Bajje.

6. Sabzee Cheese Biryani


Call me old school but it is not often that i like to experiment with a tried and tested recipe. This was a supposed to be a quite vegetable biryani but we wanted to add some oomph to the dish. Cheese in each mouthful, heaven in every bite.  Originally, this wasn’t supposed to go on the blog. But if this didn’t, nothing would.

5. Pork Chilli.


Pork meat is one of my favorites. It behaves grumpy and requires a lot of TLC when cooking. Baked pork meat dunked in just the right amount of sauces, and chilli for that super kick just as you gulp it down. To add to that, one of my better attempts at photography 😉

4. Goan Style Beef Roast


Meat well roasted is heaven on earth. The only beef dish on my blog was from a cuisine that not many people are aware of. Goan Cuisine.Frankly, this is the dish for this winter season. Its hot, its roasted and with the ever so obliging potatoes.  I posted this about 3 months ago but yet receive wonderful emails from readers who have tried it. I recommend you do it as well, if you haven’t yet.

3. Simple Butter Cake

Walnut Butter Cake

Baking has always been something I shied away from.  Until a reader requested for a simple butter cake recipe. What came out was sheer buttery goodness, I added some walnuts as an expiremental move. It worked. Since it is a plain butter cake, this goes well as a base for any desserts, trifles or simply with good ole coffee.

2. Citrus and Chilli Cheesecake.

Citrus and Chilli Cheese cake

What is an occassion without a sweet dish? I recently completed a year of blogging and had made this cake. A contrast of flavors with the refreshing citrus and the intense chilli. And, its low on calories.

1. Spaghetti Aglio E Olio.

Spaghetti Alio E Olio

I had mentioned in my post that when you cook Italian food well, it sings. I made this as a part of my “The world on my plate” series. Who would have thought that simple spaghetti, tossed in olive oil with, every day stuff like garlic & chillies would turn out to be a wonderful ‘opera on your pallette”. The best part of this one was when a chef wrote back saying this was the best rendition of an Italian nonna classic. I was overwhelmed.

As 2013 draws to a close, I would to thank each and everyone of my readers for all the love and support that you have shown through the year.

Here’s wishing each and everyone of you a fun filled, joy filled, prosperous and of course a food filled 2014.