#Tummyturns3- My thoughts.

The tummy tale turns three today.

I can’t believe I got this far and honestly. It seemed I started only yesterday. I can almost hear you ask “how does it feel?” Frankly, my mind is wandering from stratospheric heights to absymal depths. I should be happy after all three years is not a small period of time to keep persuing something. But I haven’t been blogging regularly and that is what curdles my stomach. A lot of have called up, some have written to check on how I have been and why there have been no regular posts. The fact is that there is an important event in the family and that will take up most of my time over the next month and half. I shall soon share the news here on the blog.

Coming back to the birthday I feel immensely satisfied. This has been one journey in my life where I have only gained and then gained some more. The best satisfaction is when i tick the publish button on the blog.I doubt there will be any other pleasure greater than that. That though is the virtual bit. I can only consider my self blessed to be surrounded by a wonderful circle of friends who not only share my passion for cooking but my passion for food as a subject. I thoroughly enjoy discussing recipes but tastes, textures and cuisines with them. A few have moved on from being friends in the virtual world to ones in the real world and that is just the icing in the cake.

Blogging they say is a solitary profession. But no blogger can be successful without his or her  readers. I have a wonderful set of them as well. I was pleasantly surprised when I was at a mall the other day and a lady walked up to me asking if I was Elson from the tummy tale. She went on to tell me how she tried a few of my recipes and over came her fear of cooking meat. Well if you have created something what better joy when your creation gets you recognised from an almost unexpected corner.

Behind the scenes is where all the action is. For me, my two taste queens take that onus. They criticize, the console and congratulate. Often clicking pictures and setting up takes time. They bear with me with the patience of the prophet Job. My sister took notes from her Kolkata eata to write a post on the blog. I don’t think I would have made it beyond the first few posts without their support.

But there have been some wonderful moments in these three years. The beat probably was meeting up with Chef Sanjeev Kappor at the IFBA awards 2014. But then meeting with Chef Kapoor is the dream of every foodie isnt it.My friends Shanti Padukone (riotofflavours), Renita Mascarenhas (@culinaryzeal) and Vignesh Iyer (@storysoviets) did a Chinese food walk at Marol. We did a few indianised Chinese restaurants including a fried rice that had Cumin in it. At another instance, Renita, Shanti and I did a cook off with each of us cooking a dish in the menu. Isnt that the beauty of food? These lovely instances are like pearls all bound together by that wonderful string called passion of food.

The joy I feel is too big to describe in words. And I promise you I will be back. To cooking. To clicking and to posting. Till then I would love to end with the words of a song by Kishore Kumar

Chalte chalte, mere ye geet yaad rakhna

Kabhi alvida naa kehna. Kabhi alvida naa kehna